Rainbow Calendar of Hormone Hell.

Medication Calendar

I received the medication calendar outlining my daily medication schedule in preparation for IVF. Approximately 47 injections, 1 infusion, 3 blood draws, 3 ultrasounds and 8 oral pills. I’ve compiled a small list of things I feel are or could be easier than navigating this overwhelming calendar. They are as follows..

  • Assembling IKEA furniture. ikea-instructions
  • Applying for, receiving and maintaining FAFSA/Student loans.
  • Learning MandarinHello
  • Driving in Costa Rica ShoeCostaRica
  • Moving across the United States
  • Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner
  • (For my nursing friends) Disconnecting tubing after TPN without the use of hemostats or deciphering written orders.
  • Successfully navigating the DMV. Bonus Points: In Montgomery, Alabama.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Calendar of Hormone Hell.

  1. I’ve actually driven in Costa Rica AND moved across the US and I will agree with you. BOTH are easier than trying to decipher the cycle calendars they give us.

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