Baby, it’s flippin’ cold outside!!


Well… Where do I start. We made it 13 hours back “home” to our house in Missouri. We have rented out our other house down South for 2 years, thank goodness! One cracked windshield, one dog barfing in the car, a few hours driving in snow and we finally made it!
The truck with our belongings and one of my cars was supposed to arrive tomorrow morning but has been delayed due to the snow. They hope to deliver it sometime this week. My husband is in London for work (which means I’ll be directing movers by myself!) and since I have nothing at my house, my dogs and I are getting snowed in with my grandma!
Received a call today that my IVF meds may be delayed because of the snow as well! I’m supposed to start them on Friday. If they aren’t delivered on Thursday I’ll have to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest pharmacy that has Lupron in stock. Anything else?? Hopefully it’s only up from here!

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