Pinch the fat.

Image  It’s Lupron time! No, my meds did not arrive on time. I had to find a pharmacy in town that stocked Lupron. I found one near me and it was going to be $300 more than the original price that was quoted! Thank goodness for the few kind people left in this world. After trying a couple discount cards that I had found, the pharmacy tech pulled a card out of a stack of papers and said, “Let me try this one. That’s a lot of money to spend”. (Bless her heart. Isn’t it horrible that after paying for *the cycle* we blow off a $470 med?) Well, it worked! I actually ended up getting it for $30 CHEAPER than the original price. It’s the little things!

On another note, the moving truck should be rolling in with our furniture and another one of our cars tomorrow! Yay! Unpacking, boo!

6 thoughts on “Pinch the fat.

      • Uhm, yeah – just a little. Oh wait, did I say “little”? I meant A LOT. I feel like every “option” an IFer has is basically a version of blackmail. You either get to fork over an exorbitant amount of money for meds and treatment – most often with zero guarantee – or, if all that has failed after you’ve subjected your body, soul and wallet to the horrors of however many failed ARTs and start looking for alternatives, you’re raped by the system again when you’re looking at $25K or more for adoption. Meanwhile, every time you turn on the news there’s yet another story about people abusing, mistreating, abandoning etc their children. UNREAL.

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