Baby Magic!


Who couldn’t use some, right? Found this little gem today. Wishful thinking perhaps? I felt that my first day of meds wouldn’t be complete without a baby bum scented bathroom! (ha) I’m a NICU nurse so it smells a bit like a good day at work. That smell of course means that baby is doing well enough to have a bath! (Or that a nice nurse has smeared it on their blankets for aromatherapy!)
My intralipids arrived today. They were frozen. Guess I’ll have to call and make sure that’s not an issue!
Did your Lupron shots bruise you? I’ve done follistim (subcutaneous) in the past and had never had an issue with bruising. I had some redness and itching for about an hour and bruised on my first injection! I have a feeling I’m going to look rough by the end of this!

3 thoughts on “Baby Magic!

  1. Dear Daughter-in-law it sounds like you have been on a really long arduous treadmill while juggling work, boxes, cars, moves, physicians wisdom, and now the cold. You need a nice message at least once a week to sooth you. We send you prayers and warm thoughts.
    Will just let me know about your blog. Nice to have some contact. Love, ya!

    • It had been a lot of work but we are getting unpacked! Lots of changes all at once! We are excited about what the future could hold and I’ll keep you updated! We need to plan a visit soon! Love you guys!

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