To the lady who told me I needed a full bladder..

Special blessings to you today. May you feel the need to pee all. night. long..
I had my unnecessary,necessary MRI today. The lady scheduling it told me to drink 32oz of water in the hour or so leading up to the MRI. “Huh”, I thought. Sounded strange for an MRI but I didn’t want to sound like an idiot so I didn’t question it. I arrive and the tech performing it asks if I need to use the bathroom. This is probably what my face looked like..

I tell her what the lady said and she tells me that a full bladder isn’t required for an MRI. Tinkle I go.. Fast forward 40 minutes..

Tech over the speaker: “We are having trouble getting clear images. We need you to stay really still.”

Me: “I am still. I’m not moving. Ehh.. How much longer? I really, really have to go to the bathroom!”

Tech: “Oh! That’s probably it. It’s probably distorted from you clenching trying not to pee.”

I would assume my face looked like this as she pulled the table out for me to get up..


Upon completion..
Tech over speaker: “Ok, we are done. Yeah, that must have been it because the images after that were clear.”

So after my 2 hour, never-ending, bladder filling, bladder emptying, bladder filling, bladder emptying, unnecessary, necessary MRI… Bless you scheduling lady. I have no other words.

In other news: Interview, check. MRI, check. Started my stims tonight! Sure hope those results are good!

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