Welcome to Las Vegas!

photo 2-2

   We made it to Vegas last night for our two week IVF stay! We had a great dinner with family the night before we headed out. It was great to see everyone and we are so lucky to have such a great support system. Everything went incredibly smoothly and the dogs did great!  They even got a nice compliment from the flight attendants on how well behaved they were on the flight. (They are used to it, the little traveling fools.) The house we rented is perfect for us and the dogs have a little fenced in back yard to run around in. W’s mom and her husband drove up to visit us in Vegas and it’s been great to catch up with them. She brought an album of old pictures from W’s childhood. Seriously, how cute was he??

photo 1-3

   We had our first monitoring appointment this morning. They counted 25+ follicles, 15+ of which measured >1.5. (This means there’s a good chance that they contain an egg.) I was nervous about not having many to work with but it looks like if everything goes well, we should be just fine. There’s always a lot of hurdles to jump before the end result but you just have to go with the flow because there’s not much else you can do! Overall we had a great appointment. The staff and doctor were wonderful and he said I’m responding exactly like I should and we are on track to do one more night of stimulation medications tonight, trigger shot to mature the eggs tomorrow and then the egg retrieval on Thursday.

photo 5

I noticed last night that I looked pretty beat up and I thought that I should document it in case this works and I have an ungrateful teen 16 years from now! (kidding. sort of.)

photo 3-1

   We get to have an off day with no appointments tomorrow. I’ll update again when there’s something worth writing home about!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Las Vegas!

  1. Do you have yorkies? We have chihuahuas but we haven’t flown with them yet! I love that you brought them with you. It’s nice to have them close especially with what you are going through. Good luck with the retrieval.

  2. I had to laugh out loud when I saw your picture of your belly! Great idea, I can picture saying “look what I had to go through!” LOL Best of luck to you!!!

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