Correction: BabIES on Board

   That’s right! We had our first ultrasound and official OB appointment today and we are having TWINS! We are totally in shock but very excited. They are measuring exactly spot on at 6 weeks 5 days. Baby A had a heart rate of 137, Baby B had a heat rate of 124. They are in separate sacs and we were told that everything looks great!




   I’ve still been feeling pretty darn good. I don’t start working again until next Monday so my routine has been something like:

  • 1am- bathroom
  • 3am- bathroom
  • 4:30 am- bathroom, then eat apple sauce so I don’t wake up queazy from an empty stomach.
  • 8am(ish) roll out of bed. Eat.
  • 10am- go back to bed. 
  • Rest of the day: Eat (small meals), sleep, repeat. 

   Other than extreme exhaustion, I really haven’t felt that bad. I know it’s still early and it will probably hit me like a ton of bricks soon but for now..I’m knocking on wood. I’ve had some heartburn which is a new experience for me but it hasn’t gotten to the point where I’ve even had to take anything. 

   I thought I’d get this shiny packet at my appointment today with all of the Do’s and Don’ts and when to expect what.. What I got was my doctor (who I love) walking in saying “Congrats! Any questions?”.. Umm… Yes, about 478 of them. Where shall I begin? My instructions were literally: continue meds, next appointment in 3 weeks, cook lunch meat before eating it, NO caffeine until 12 weeks, still no lifting anything over 10lbs. Good thing I know where to supplement my curiosities! She said with twins I can expect to have appointments about every 3 weeks and weekly monitoring starting between 28-32 weeks.……………

12 thoughts on “Correction: BabIES on Board

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!! I would be fine with us having twins. My sister and brother are twins. My mom is also a twin. If you have any specific questions, I can ask my Mom for you 🙂 The joke has always been that with it NOT skipping any generations in our family our odds are significantly increased with fertility treatments. Take good care of yourself and that little pair of beautiful babies. Congrats!

  2. Yay congrats!! Happy to hear you’re feeling well too 🙂 I totally get you on the lack of conversation with doctors. I was shocked my first prenatal appt isn’t until the end of April (about 11 weeks) – there’s so much I need to know before then!! But apparently that’s totally normal up here…thank god for blogs, forums and Google 😉

  3. I knew it! You sure are one fertile infertile 😋. Congratulations on the twinkles. Enjoy feeling good… Hope it lasts but it probably won’t, but who cares??? You are pregnant! So happy for you.

    • Thank you! Still processing everything! I’ll try not to complain about my symptoms! I remember telling my fellow infertile friends that they didn’t get to complain! Easier said than done sometimes. 😊

  4. Thank you! Found out that my doctor thought I had already had my first “OB” appointment with the NP (who is also my cousin).. She dropped off a packet today but as you said, it states everything I’ve already known and googled over the past 5 years of TTC. I feel like we infertile a should get some kind of honorary degree after so much research! 😀

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