Ultrasound 9 weeks 6 days

Just a quick update since I had an OB appointment today! I talked about how big I felt in my last post but was relieved when the nurse told me today that I had only gained 3 pounds so far. I think I feel so big because I had gained back about 10 pounds over the holidays. I let myself fall off the exercise wagon, went straight to IVF, got pregnant and now I’m on physical restrictions! The appointment went well. We did a quick scan and the babies looked great! Both of their heartbeats were exactly the same at 167 beats per minute! Baby A was very active and waving at us. Baby B was pretty chill with not as much movement. My mom said that Baby A must be a girl since it was so animated! I can’t wait until we find out genders so I can stop using “it”! We did a little necessary shopping for some maternity pants after my appointment. My jeans with the rubber band weren’t quite working anymore! As much as I’d love to wear scrubs daily, I suppose I should get dressed on my days off. Here are some cute pictures of the little gummy bears!




2 thoughts on “Ultrasound 9 weeks 6 days

  1. Awww! Adorable! So exciting 🙂 (I’m so jealous of your scrubs work outfit though, I’m beginning to hate getting ‘dressed up’ in the mornings, I wish I could live in stretchy pants!)

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