To the lady who told me I needed a full bladder..

Special blessings to you today. May you feel the need to pee all. night. long..
I had my unnecessary,necessary MRI today. The lady scheduling it told me to drink 32oz of water in the hour or so leading up to the MRI. “Huh”, I thought. Sounded strange for an MRI but I didn’t want to sound like an idiot so I didn’t question it. I arrive and the tech performing it asks if I need to use the bathroom. This is probably what my face looked like..

I tell her what the lady said and she tells me that a full bladder isn’t required for an MRI. Tinkle I go.. Fast forward 40 minutes..

Tech over the speaker: “We are having trouble getting clear images. We need you to stay really still.”

Me: “I am still. I’m not moving. Ehh.. How much longer? I really, really have to go to the bathroom!”

Tech: “Oh! That’s probably it. It’s probably distorted from you clenching trying not to pee.”

I would assume my face looked like this as she pulled the table out for me to get up..


Upon completion..
Tech over speaker: “Ok, we are done. Yeah, that must have been it because the images after that were clear.”

So after my 2 hour, never-ending, bladder filling, bladder emptying, bladder filling, bladder emptying, unnecessary, necessary MRI… Bless you scheduling lady. I have no other words.

In other news: Interview, check. MRI, check. Started my stims tonight! Sure hope those results are good!

So much for the relaxation…


Does it always have to be two steps forward, one step back with this process? I had a good morning with good results from my baseline ultrasound and it looks like I should be all set to start my stims tomorrow! (Now that I have taken injections to tell my body to be quiet, these new injections will attempt to hyper-stimulate my ovaries to produce more ‘mature’ eggs than normal.

I had been dealing with a local fertility clinic and switched to another out-of-state clinic for IVF when I wasn’t pleased with the care we had been receiving. This clinic still performed my outside monitoring and did such recently. Or so I thought! My new clinic called me this afternoon and informed me that they still had not received some labs that I had drawn as well as the results of a fluid ultrasound. After lots of phone tag, I was finally able to reach someone at my old clinic who found out that the laboratory they use never ran the labs that were drawn and ordered! On top of that.. They did the WRONG ULTRASOUND! I needed this ultrasound done before my period started and now it’s too late.

New clinic nurse says that my RE does not feel comfortable proceeding to the point of embryo transfer without having the results of that ultrasound (the one that never got done and is too late to do now). {{Cue the profuse sweating, world is closing in. I think I’m going to be sick}} She tells me that we could proceed, freeze the embryos and then come back at another time for frozen transfer or that we could delay the cycle. {{Hyperventilating}} It’s not that easy when you’re flying to another state to do this, not to mention when your husband is traveling overseas on a weekly basis for work! Then she slipped in that another option is for me to have a pelvic MRI, or rather a pelvic $$$ to rule out anything that would interfere with embryo transfer/implantation. Of course I jump on that offer! Thank God insurance is going to pay 85% of it. Part Most of me feels like the clinic that messed it up should eat the cost! So now my list this weeks looks like : interview for new job, start stimulation meds, have labs redrawn, schedule and have MRI, pack for our 2 week IVF “vacation”, take the dogs to the vet, 2 more rounds of acupuncture, meet with 2 contractors so they can bid some work on the house, hire a painter to paint the interior, oh and finish unpacking my entire house- all with a husband in Finland who is returning home the day before we leave. So much for low stress and relaxation! Maybe it’s a hidden gift in that it will keep my mind occupied making sure I get everything done! Enough ranting. I shall remain positive. What else have you got? Bring it at me!!!!

**In other news, I may or may not have made a huge mistake by asking my wonderful friend to chop 6″ off of my hair! In hindsight, it was probably hormone induced but I haven’t cried. Yet. (Note to self: no more major decisions on hormones.)