13 Week Update – Hello Second Trimester



A few months ago when we were in Vegas for IVF, I told W that I wanted to get a Pandora dice charm for my bracelet. He insisted that I shouldn’t because, “What if it doesn’t work or what if you need 2 (ha)”? Well, Las Vegas came and went and no dice! W left the day before Mother’s Day for Finland and didn’t say anything to me before he left (except for jokingly pulling a few bags out of the car and saying “Happy Mother’s Day”! It was dry cleaning.) I know I’m still baking but I must admit that I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t say anything because I knew I was just being sensitive. He got back at night, later in the week. He told me that he had gotten me a Mother’s Day present. I was half asleep and didn’t think much of it, maybe some dirty dry cleaning this time? He gave me a little box wrapped in pretty paper with “Van Der Burgh Chocolaad” on it. I thought that they must be the world’s smallest truffles. I said I’d try them the next day but he said he wanted one before he went to bed so I opened it up and it was a Pandora box with my TWO dice charms! He had remembered and gotten them at a stop in England. What a sweet guy! I think I’ll keep him.



In other news, I received and assembled the stroller! I have the car seat attachments and car seats still in boxes but I couldn’t resist playing! I made myself feel better by telling myself that I needed to assemble it in case anything was damaged during shipping. I can’t wait to have two little somethings to put in there! Of course, my husband HAD to have the black on black. No silver frames for that daddy! We opted for the Baby Jogger City Select after much research and many recommendations.



Above all else, the highlight of the week was seeing our little peaches on ultrasound at our first trimester voluntary genetic screening. Everything measured perfectly! Baby A was sucking on it’s hand the entire time. Baby B was also active, pushing against the sac. We were also able to see Baby B moving its little mouth and swallowing fluid. They are so precious and I can’t believe how much they grow between sneak peeks!




I’m going to skip the long weekly questionnaire since most of the answers remain the same in these weeks. I’m excited to be able to say that I’m in my second trimester!! I still feel huge and growing every day. I have had an awful head cold/sinus infection this week and had to miss 2 days of work. I wasn’t able to take anything for it so it was especially fun. I’m starting to feel a little better now. Other symptoms remain the same with headaches being my number one complaint. Looking forward to feeling some consistent movement in the next few weeks. Next official US scheduled for June 9th. ImageImageImageWeek13-11


7 thoughts on “13 Week Update – Hello Second Trimester

    • Thanks! I hadn’t looked at the UPPAbaby one. I didn’t see anywhere that said it could hold 2 car seats, I see the two seats for when they are able to sit up though. Hmm.. I like the size of the City Select and they both look similar in that aspect! So many choices!! 😊

  1. awe, you look great! you are just whizzing through this pregnancy I feel like I’m stuck in time…. first sonogram this week (6) though 🙂

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to read all of your bump updates one day! (Hopefully very soon! Still thinking of/praying for you two often!) And stroller- I’m pretty excited about that one!

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