Will infuse for cupcakes..


Results from the infamous unnecessary, necessary MRI are back. Normal! That means that they didn’t see anything (fibroids, etc.) in my uterus that could cause problems with the embryo implanting when we get to that point.
Today was my at home intralipids infusion day. IL is what they use to treat Natural Killer cells and this is what my nurse had to say about it..
“Natural Killer cells are a normal part of everyone’s immune system. They are what patrol our bodies trying to keep foreign things out of our bodies. Some people have Natural Killer cells that are a little more aggressive. In normal life, this is usually a good thing. Maybe they don’t get sick as often, or if a bad cold is going around it won’t hit them as hard. Natural Killers don’t realize there is a difference between embryos and germs though. They just see something is foreign and doesn’t belong and end up trying to keep the embryo from implanting inside the uterus. Dr. S has found that doing an Intralipids Infusion can help to calm these aggressive Natural Killer cells down to allow embryos a chance to implant inside the uterus. There would be an infusion prior to starting the monitoring process. After the embryo transfer if you are confirmed pregnant, there would be a second infusion done.”
Since I work in the medical field, they allowed me to do an at home infusion. Thankfully one of my wonderful friends agreed to swap cupcakes for helping me start an IV. Everything went well and the infusion lasted about 1.5 hours. The Stuffed French Toast cupcake was amazing. I have missed this particular cupcake shop!
W is back from Finland and we have plans to see family tomorrow before leaving for 2 weeks for our appointments. It’s really happening!!

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